Science Cafe

Science Cafe

CRT hosts a Science Cafe four times a year (primarily Thursdays 3-5PM), where specially invited presenters communicate their knowledge in an easily accessible manner and set out for discussion of selected topics within CRT’s research areas. The Science Cafe puts current issues within regional development and tourism on the agenda, and the participants have the opportunity to discuss the subjects with the speakers, CRT researchers and each other. The annual program kicks off in the autumn at CRT in Nexø, and the last Science Café in the season is held at “Folkemødet“.

The purpose of the Science Cafe is that as a participant you can share in CRT’s knowledge in a different way than by reading our publications. It’s knowledge in a more vibrant and inclusive way, where you also have the opportunity to network with others who share the same professional interests as yourself.

Those who come to Science Cafes are typically practitioners who work with or have a particular interest in regional development. The participant group varies naturally from time to time when the subjects change, but overall, the participants have an interest in developing as a practitioner within their field on a scientific basis in an informal framework.


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Fire gange årligt afholder vi en videnscafé hvor særligt inviterede oplægsholdere formidler deres viden.

Science Cafe

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