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Joan Lewin

Cleaning assistant, Bornholm,cleaning

Cleaning the three-winged farm on Bornholm that houses CRT.

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How Joan describes her work

Unbelievable but true: It is almost 4 years since I started working as a cleaning assistant at CRT, and for my part, I would like to continue for some years!
My normal work hours are 2 x 3 hours weekly, typically Tuesday and one of the days at the weekend. When needed, extra time is provided for cleaning the conference center, CRT’s retreat and thorough cleaning a couple of times a year.

As far as possible, I try to work around CRT’s working hours, since I know that there is hardly anyone besides me who likes to listen to the vacuum cleaner and move the legs for it and for the mop.
For me, cleaning is a form of relaxation from other and more demanding work. When I can just follow the routine I set myself, I can relax while having a little varied exercise and space to think about something else.

And then there is always the satisfaction of knowing that when I have switched off the lights in every room and locked the front door behind me, the work that needs to be done and which will benefit others has been done!