SAM-K/LINE®_RHSA: Regional Economic Model for Healthcare and Labour Market

SAM-K/LINE®_RHSA: Regional Economic Model for Healthcare and Labour Market

Authors: Laura Virtanen and Nino Javakhishvili.

The Centre for Regional and Tourism Research, in collaboration with The Centre HR of The Capital Region of Denmark, developed Regional Healthcare Satellite Accounting (RHSA) for the Danish healthcare sector and labour market of healthcare professionals. RHSA is an economic extension for Regional Economic Model, SAM-K/LINE® that is developed, owned and operated by the Centre for Regional and Tourism Research (CRT).

The aim of the model is to provide a detailed quantitative framework for regional short and long-term projections of the labour market supply and demand of health care professionals (HCPs) in Denmark. Although this project is built in cooperation with the Capital Region of Denmark, it is designed to simulate the entire country of Denmark, taking into consideration all five regions, 98 municipalities, and inter-regional linkages and flows.

SAM-K/LINE® is the SAM based IO-CGE model with a Keynesian income multiplier for Danish municipalities and is developed to assist the local and regional authorities for planning socioeconomic development in the administrative regions and municipalities in Denmark. The basic structure of LINE® has been documented in a number of scientific articles (Madsen, 2009; Madsen & Jensen-Butler, 2004 & 2005; Madsen & Zhang, 2010).

This technical documentation explains the RHSA extension of SAM-K/LINE® in detail – its data input, model structure, outputs and theoretical fundamentals.

Nino Javakhishvili-Larsen

Researcher and team leader, Copenhagen, management, model team, PhD, research & analysis

Research in labor markets, human capital, socio-economic geography and SAM-K/LINE®

Jens Clausen

Chief Consultant, Copenhagen, model team, research & analysis

Statistical analysis and development, maintenance and quality assurance of databases.


Others, Bornholm, Copenhagen, research & analysis

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