Nordic fisheries at a crossroads

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Nordic fisheries at a crossroads

Authors: Johan Hultman, Emil Bæk Holland, Filippa Säwe, Salmi Pekka, Jesper Manniche and Jeppe Høst.

This report explores how Nordic small-scale fisheries can develop to promote value creation and specialization. To explore that question, we look at the historical development of the Nordic fisheries and outline the current challenges, especially for the small-scale and coastal fleets. Small-scale fishers are confronted with increasing investments in order to develop and across the Nordic countries this has led to a decline of small-scale fisheries. We therefore assert that much of the Nordic small-scale fishers and coastal communities will have to look for other development strategies in which the focus is increasingly on value instead of volume. The question is how this can be achieved. By looking at recent developments among small-scale but land-based food
producers we suggest that specialisation and dedication will be the central development strategies.


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