CRT creates surplus of 557,000 DKK

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CRT creates surplus of 557,000 DKK

May 2019

CRT presents its annual report for 2018 which not only shows a surplus of more than half a million DKK but also a leap in external financing of more than one million DKK. This is the result of an increased effort to raise more funds for the centre’s research and development projects.

”I am very satisfied that our project strategy has succeeded. And I am happy that the hard work the employees have put into applications and outreach reflects positively in the yearly profit. When we raise more funds for projects it also means that specialised knowledge of peripheral areas benefits Bornholm to a greater extent. Projects such as “New voices in rural development” and “The World Craft Region title – an asset for Bornholm’s craft and tourism sectors” which can be read in the annual report are really good examples of that.”

Director, Lene Feldthus Andersen

Each year CRT highlights two chosen projects in the report through interviews with the project managers. In addition to the two aforementioned, the project “Healthcare model” which is a new special version of CRT’s Regional Model for Business and Employment SAM-K/LINE® is highlighted. The health model makes it possible for health stakeholders to gain an overview of the Danes’ use of health care and which types of health care professionals will be needed in the future.

2018 also became the year where CRT’s homepage underwent a large update with new design and structure. This took place as part of the preparations for CRT’s 25year anniversary which is celebrated in 2019.

Another peak in 2018 was the opening of the Quarry’s Retreat in one of Stenbrudgårdens beautifully restored wings. The retreat is primarily dedicated to social science researchers and others employed in social science. It is a place that offers a peaceful work environment and also professional exchanges with CRT for those who so wish.

CRT has entered a 2019 full of changes. On 1 July Director Lene Feldthus Andersen passes the baton to CRT’s future director who will find the way forwards together with the new board in the new strategy period 2019-2022.

Even though the winds of change blow over the courtyard, the foundation of 25 years of research and development with Bornholm at its centre, is right where it has always been. The core is the same: CRT creates knowledge that supports balanced development and geographical cohesion throughout Denmark.

For further information, please contact:

  • Lene Feldthus Andersen, director: – 56440022 – 30855179
  • Julie Bennedbæk, Communications and project manager: – 56440029 – 30855171


  • The Centre for Regional and Tourism Research had a 13 million DKK turnover in 2018 versus 11.6 million DKK in 2017.
  • In 2018 CRT produced 17 scientific publications, papers and position papers for conferences.
  • In 2018 CRT produced 21 project reports, held 46 presentations and debates and hosted events 11 times.
  • CRT provided news 43 times, was interviewed on 51 occasions and achieved media attention 359 times during 2018.
  • During 2018, CRT employed 21 staff.


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