Anders Hedetoft

Constituted director (July 2019), Bornholm, management, PhD, research & analysis

Regional economy, rural development and business development.

Birgit Jacobsen

Administrative and financial officer, Bornholm, finance & administration

Financial and administrative management, project administration, accounting and time registration.

Carl Henrik Marcussen

Senior researcher, Bornholm, PhD, research & analysis

Analysis based on survey and registry data within tourism and other fields.

Irena Stefaniak

Consultant, Copenhagen, model team, research & analysis

ALFRED support, SAS programming, GAMS model transformation and development, teaching.

Jens Clausen

Statistician, Copenhagen, model team, research & analysis

Statistical analysis and development, maintenance and quality assurance of databases.

Jesper Manniche

Senior researcher, Bornholm, PhD, research & analysis

Circular economy, innovation, knowledge dynamics and food and experience economy in rural areas.

Jie Zhang

Senior researcher, Copenhagen, model team, PhD, research & analysis

Development of tourism satellite accounts, impact assessments and tourism destination development.

Joan Pohl

Cleaning assistant, Bornholm, cleaning

Cleaning the three-winged farm on Bornholm that houses CRT.

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Jonathan Lindahl

Research assistant, Copenhagen, model team, research & analysis

Economic modeling, data processing and research in regional tourism and environmental economics.

Julie Bennedbæk

Communications and project manager, Bornholm, communication

Development, planning, coordination and execution of CRT's strategic communication and project work.