Anders Hedetoft

Chief consultant, Bornholm, management, PhD, research & analysis

Regional economy, rural development and business development.

Andreas Aae

Analytical consultant, Bornholm, model team, research & analysis

Anne Thomas

Director, Bornholm, management

The center's day-to-day management, strategy, financial management and staff development.

Birgit Jacobsen

Administrative and financial officer, Bornholm, finance & administration

Financial and administrative management, project administration, accounting and time registration.

Irena Stefaniak

Consultant, Copenhagen, model team, research & analysis

ALFRED support, SAS programming, GAMS model transformation and development, teaching.

Jens Clausen

Statistician, Copenhagen, model team, research & analysis

Statistical analysis and development, maintenance and quality assurance of databases.

Jesper Manniche

Senior researcher, Bornholm, PhD, research & analysis

Circular economy, innovation, knowledge dynamics and food and experience economy in rural areas.

Jie Zhang

Senior researcher, Copenhagen, model team, PhD, research & analysis

Development of tourism satellite accounts, impact assessments and tourism destination development.

Joan Lewin

Cleaning assistant, Bornholm, cleaning

Cleaning the three-winged farm on Bornholm that houses CRT.

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Jonathan Lindahl

Research assistant, Copenhagen, model team, research & analysis

Economic modeling, data processing and research in regional tourism and environmental economics.