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Jesper Manniche, Karin Topsø Larsen

Promotion of the Circular Economy in Tourism – Experiences and Recommendations from the CIRTOINNO Project

The purpose of this report is to present partners’ experiences from the varying activities accomplished in the South Baltic Interreg-project, CIRTOINNO, regarding the needs, interests and barriers of tourism SMEs in implementing CE ideas in their daily operations, and on this basis. The purpose is also to elaborate recommendations for possible initiatives and policies for […]

Carl Henrik Marcussen

Hosts’ listing descriptions and guest reviews of Airbnb in Copenhagen

Presented at 28th Nordic symposium on Hospitality and Tourism Research, Roskilde University, October 25th 2019.

Carl Henrik Marcussen

Spending patterns among bicycle tourists in the South Baltic area

Presented at 28th Nordic symposium on Hospitality and Tourism Research, Roskilde University, October 24th 2019.

Carl Henrik Marcussen

Selected results – Biking South Baltic: Bicycle survey results 2018

Presentation at a conference in Gdańsk at The Office of the Marshal of Pomerania, 8th October 2019.

Jesper Manniche, Karin Topsø Larsen, Rikke Brandt Broegaard, Others

Destination: A circular tourism economy

Authors: Jesper Manniche, Karin Topsø Larsen, Rikke Brandt Broegaard and Emil Bæk Holland. This Handbook is the result of work carried out in Work Package 3 in the Interreg South Baltic innovation project, CIRTOINNO. The CIRTOINNO project aims to increase the innovativeness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) within the tourism sector by supporting the […]

Carl Henrik Marcussen

Text mining of TripAdvisor visitor attraction reviews

Presentation at “Sustainable Tourism in a Digital World” conference, September 24th-26th 2019, University of Uppsala, Gotland Campus.

Private: Laura Virtanen, Nino Javakhishvili-Larsen

SAM-K/LINE®_RHSA: Regional Economic Model for Healthcare and Labour Market

Healthcare economic extension of SAM-K/LINE®, version 2018. This technical documentation explains the RHSA extension of SAM-K/LINE® in detail – its data input, model structure, outputs and theoretical fundamentals.

Carl Henrik Marcussen

Aspects of tourism on Bornholm

Presentation at a seminar for 30 students and lecturers from Gothenburg University on 9 April 2019 at CRT in Nexø, Denmark.

Carl Henrik Marcussen

Biking South Baltic Bicycle – monitoring 2018

In this paper we will review the results of the counting from bicycle monitors located in: Pomerania, Poland (4 counters) West Pomerania, Poland (3 counters) Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany (2 counters) The Region of Sealand and The Region of South Denmark, Denmark (x counters) Bornholm makes use of official statistics for bicycles carried by ferries Furthermore, monthly […]

Jie Zhang

Documentation on Regional Tourism Satellite Accounts in Denmark

The report is a revised version of the RTSA report by Zhang, 2005. The Center for Regional and Tourism Research (CRT) and VisitDenmark have revised the report for the Danish Tourism Satellite Accounts (TSA), a project that started in 2005. The purpose of the report is to provide methodical documentation for the development of the […]

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