Nordic fisheries at a crossroads

Nordic fisheries at a crossroads

Authors: Johan Hultman, Emil Bæk Holland, Filippa Säwe, Salmi Pekka, Jesper Manniche and Jeppe Høst

In this report, we explore the potentials of a differentiated approach to the development of Nordic fisheries. By this we mean an approach that caters to different development logics, and that sets new development goals especially for the small and coastal fishing fleets. The new development goals should be seen as an addition to the already existing development strategies, where focus is on efficiency, volume and standardisation. Instead, this report explores approaches focusing on cross-sectorial innovation, distinct product qualities and specialisation.

Jesper Manniche

Senior researcher, Bornholm, PhD, research & analysis

Circular economy, innovation, knowledge dynamics and food and experience economy in rural areas.

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