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Carl Henrik Marcussen

Senior researcher, Bornholm,PhD, research & analysis

Analysis based on survey and registry data within tourism and other fields.

How Carl Henrik describes his work

“I consider myself mainly a tourism researcher. I enjoy writing reports, conference papers and scientific articles on many different aspects of tourism on Bornholm, in Denmark as a whole and Bornholm/Denmark compared to other areas. Examples of aspects of tourisme I’ve worked with include: cycling tourism, fishing tourism, cruise tourism, online distribution of tourism services, Airbnb, seasonal fluctuations in tourism, passenger ferry and air travel, congresses and events, tourist behavior and consumption.”

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Carl Henrik Marcussen

Aspects of tourism on Bornholm

Presentation at a seminar for 30 students and lecturers from Gothenburg University on 9 April 2019 at CRT in Nexø, Denmark.

Carl Henrik Marcussen

Biking South Baltic Bicycle – monitoring 2018

In this paper we will review the results of the counting from bicycle monitors located in: Pomerania, Poland (4 counters) West Pomerania, Poland (3 counters) Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany (2 counters) The Region of Sealand and The Region of South Denmark, Denmark (x counters) Bornholm makes use of official statistics for bicycles carried by ferries Furthermore, monthly […]

Carl Henrik Marcussen

Biking South Baltic: Bicycle survey results 2018

The project “Biking South Baltic!” includes a questionnaire survey among cycling tourists. The study’s results are reviewed in this report and are based on a total of 2,285 responses from five regions/parts of the country in three different countries: Pomerania, Poland (506), West Pomerania, Poland (400), Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany (322), Bornholm, Denmark (455) and parts […]