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Anders Hedetoft

Constituted director (July 2019), Bornholm,management, PhD, research & analysis

Regional economy, rural development and business development.

How Anders describes his work

“I work with regional economy, rural development and business development focusing on business promotion, entrepreneurship, business cooperation and competence development.

I have worked with small businesses and business operations throughout my professional life. At CRT, I especially like to work in the intersection between business and rural development. I like to work as close to practice as possible, and it gives me a bit of a “kick” when I can see my work being used in practice. I appreciate being empirically founded and working closely with practitioners of all sorts.”

Latest 3 releases
Jie Zhang, Anders Hedetoft, Irena Stefaniak, Others

The ATTREG FUTURE model: Documentation and applications

Authors: Jie Zhang, Anders Hedetoft, Jeppe Madsen, Irena Stefaniak etc. This report presents the final results of an Applied Research Project conducted within the framework of the ESPON 2013 Programme, partly financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Anders Hedetoft, Others

Role of regional and rural development policy in supporting small-scale agribusiness in remote areas

Authors: Derek Baker, Jens Abildtrup, Anders Hedetoft og René Kusier. This report summarises discussions with small and isolated food industry firms about the role of regional development policy in their meeting commercial and social challenges. Specific challenges examined and discussed with the firms included the presence of powerful food industry buyers, innovation and new product […]