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Jens Clausen

Statistician, Copenhagen,model team, research & analysis

Statistical analysis and development, maintenance and quality assurance of databases.

How Jens describes his work

“I work with statistical analysis and data processing, especially in connection to development, maintenance and quality assurance of databases. Also development and programming of data access and analysis tools. Regional and municipality economy.”

Latest 3 projects
2019 Labour market & education Ongoing

SAM-K/LINE®_RHSA: Regional Economic Model for Healthcare and Labour Market

Centre for Regional and Tourism Research, in collaboration with Centre HR of The Capital Region of Denmark developed Regional Healthcare Satellite Accounting (RHSA) for Danish healthcare sector and labour market of healthcare professionals. RHSA is an economic extension for Regional Economic Model, SAM-K/LINE® that is developed, owned and operated by Centre for Regional and Tourism […]...

Nino Javakhishvili-Larsen, Laura Virtanen, Jens Clausen
Region Hovedstaden
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Latest 3 releases
Jens Clausen, Others

Heterogeneous migration responses to individual life events and associated demographic change in Denmark

Authors: Torben Dall Schmidt, Timo Mitze, Jens Clausen and Bjarne Madsen. Paper presented at the 57th ERSA Congress, 28 August-1 September 2017, Groningen, Holland.

Jie Zhang, Jens Clausen, Others

Evaluating the role of commercial ports in the regional economy

Authors: Jie Zhang, Bjarne Madsen, Jens Clausen, Mette Lange and Torben Dall Schmidt. Paper presented at the 57th Congress of European Regional Science Association at Groningen, Holland, 31 August 2017