Documentation for meeting tourism model

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Documentation for meeting tourism model

Forfattere: Jie Zhang og Tobias Frøslev Rasmusson.

Based on the experience from the previous project for VisitDenmark (VisitDenmark, 2012; Zhang, 2014) during the period in 2011-2012 and the UNWTO manual for the meeting activities (UNWTO, 2006), VisitDenmark and CRT have agreed to start another similar project for evaluating the economic and employment impacts of meeting sectors and meeting activities in Denmark.

This is a technical document including data, model structure and modelling results.

Purpose of this project is:
• To conduct the new surveys both at the place of meeting and at place of meeting tourists overnight
• To follow the same definition for meeting activities as we defined in 2012
• To use also the same methods we developed previously, however there must accept that there are some changes because the newest interview data
• To develop a new version of SAM-K and the LINE model that can provide the credible data for meetings tourism
• To analysis the economic and employment effects of meetings tourism
• To propose the political initiatives in order to support the wide interests among the meeting arrangers and MICE enterprises


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