Jonathan Lindahl

Research assistant, Copenhagen, model team, research & analysis

Economic modeling, data processing and research in regional tourism and environmental economics.

Karin Topsø Larsen

Senior researcher, Bornholm, PhD, research & analysis

Regional development, regional education planning and youth mobility imperatives.

Lene Havtorn Larsen

Senior consultant, Bornholm, research & analysis

Creativity, networking, international contacts and project collaboration. Experience economy and management and evaluation of learning processes.

Marianne Ramstedt Frølich

Officer, Bornholm, finance & administration

Financial and administrative management, project administration, accounting and time registration.

Nino Javakhishvili-Larsen

Researcher and team leader, Copenhagen, management, model team, PhD, research & analysis

Research in labor markets, human capital, socio-economic geography and SAM-K/LINE®

Rasmus Vendelboe

Student assistant, Copenhagen, model team

Rikke Brandt Broegaard

Researcher, Bornholm, PhD, research & analysis

Research and analysis in rural development, sustainability, network, innovation and entrepreneurship and citizen involvement.