Call for abstracts and presentations

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Call for abstracts and presentations

June 2017

Call for abstracts and presentations for the Nordic Regional and Local Economic Model Symposium 25th-26th of January 2018

The Symposium is dedicated to the work of Professor Dr. Scient. Bjarne Madsen. During his more than 30 years of hard work, Prof. Madsen not only contributed to the field of regional research, but also created the Danish regional and local economic model, SAM-K & LINE®, which has been implemented and proved an important tool for local and regional planners and policy makers in Denmark.

We hope the Symposium will offer an opportunity to establish a Nordic Regional and Local Economic Model Network. To mark this event, CRT is pleased to announce that the papers submitted to the symposium will be selected for the anthology: “Nordic Regional and Local Economic Models: From theory to policy”. Papers may address both theoretical issues as well as policy applications of such economic models.

25th of January will be “Theory Day” devoted to the theoretical advancements and methodological approaches to regional economic modelling and research.

26th of January will be “Policy Day” devoted to the application of the regional economic models and research in policy practice. Nowadays, there are regional economic models in Sweden, Norway and Denmark that are applied in strategic planning and policies by regions and municipalities. This day will be an opportunity to share the experiences in model application in everyday practices and you will have a chance to network with other policy-makers and model-users from Scandinavian countries.

Deadline for Registration: 1st of November 2017
Deadline for Abstracts/presentations: 15th of December 2017

Please, see the invitation for more information and to register


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